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We have 229 Listings in Ilfracombe:
Grampus, Lee, Ilfracombe
Hele Bay, The Hele Bay, Ilfracombe
Embassy Cinema (134 High Street), 134 High Street, Ilfracombe
Pendle Stairway Cinema, 134 High Street, Ilfracombe
Steak House, Ilfracombe EX34 9AR, Ilfracombe
Settantanove, 79 High Street, Ilfracombe
Ilfracombe Tandoori, 13-14 High Street, Ilfracombe
Rajah, 5 Portland Street, Ilfracombe
Take Thyme Restaurant, 1 Fore Street, Ilfracombe
Royal Britannia Inn and carvery, Broad Street, Ilfracombe
Ilfracombe Fryer, 7-8 The Promenade, Ilfracombe
Dolphin Restaurant, 7 The Quay, Ilfracombe
La Gendarmerie, 63 Fore Street, Ilfracombe
Terrace, 62 Fore Street, Ilfracombe
Not A Greedy Man, 9 Northfield Road, Ilfracombe
Tinker Tailor Party Shop, 31 High Street, Ilfracombe
Barbers, 3A Marlborough Road, Ilfracombe
Flexamatic Manufacturing, Unit 3D/Mullacott Cross Ind Est, Ilfracombe
Photo Shop, 34 High Street, Ilfracombe
Alan Jackson Shoe Repairs, 133 High Street, Ilfracombe
Woodlands, Torrs Park, Ilfracombe
Vallys Coleslaw and Peanut Butter, 33 High Street, Ilfracombe
Subway Sandwiches, 22 High Street, Ilfracombe
Emperors Court Malaysian and Chinese Restaurant and Take Away, 59 High Street, Ilfracombe
Asian Spice, 36 Greenclose Road, Ilfracombe
Curtain Collection, 9 Wilder Road, Ilfracombe
Secure Windows, Uplands/Cairn Road, Ilfracombe
CLEARVIEW WINDOWS and CONSERVATORIES, 29 Greenclose Road, Ilfracombe
S & H Technical Support, Ilfracombe EX34 8PL, Ilfracombe
Bath House Hotel, Runnacleave Road, Ilfracombe
Hidden Valley Touring and Camping Park, West Down, Ilfracombe
Landmark, Promenade, Ilfracombe
Ilfracombe Aquarium, The Quay, Ilfracombe
Ilfracombe Yacht Club, The Quay, Ilfracombe
Charterwell Homes, Lundy View, Ilfracombe
Loopy Lous, 20 Broad Street, Ilfracombe
Paul Clews Guitar and Ukulele Teacher, 8 Champernowne Crescent, Ilfracombe
Ilfracombe Academy, Worth Road, Ilfracombe
Ilfracombe Arts College, Worth Road, Ilfracombe
Ilfracombe Tennis Club, Bicclescombe Park, Ilfracombe
Country Cousins, Bicclescombe Gardens, Ilfracombe
Embassy Cinema (High Street), High Street, Ilfracombe
Stag Colour Printing, High St, Ilfracombe
Golden Books Group, Blurridge Farm/Ridge Hill, Ilfracombe
Professionals Golf Shop, Ilfracombe EX34 9RT, Ilfracombe
Combe Martin Wildlife & Dinosaur Park, Combe Martin, Ilfracombe
Combe Martin Community Pre School, Rosea Bridge La, Ilfracombe
Somerfield Stores, 69 High Street, Ilfracombe
Combe Cottage Restaurant and Cafe, 63 High Street, Ilfracombe
Angel, 23 Church Street, Ilfracombe
Tyme Restaurant At Trimstone Manor, Trimstone Manor Hotel, Ilfracombe
Temptations, 111 High Street, Ilfracombe
Maddys Chippy, 25-26 Saint James Place, Ilfracombe
TOP CHIPPY, High Street, Ilfracombe
Roofline, Rectory Ln, Ilfracombe
K O Conservatories, 3 Castle Street, Ilfracombe
Zelkova Arboriculture, 24 Highfield Gardens, Ilfracombe
Benella, Highfield Road, Ilfracombe
Hutchinson Stephen, 2 Montpelier Road, Ilfracombe
Radley Tiling, Lincombe, Ilfracombe
Hairport, 114 High Street, Ilfracombe
Pole Affinity, 20 High St, Ilfracombe
Ravenscroft D, 85 High Street, Ilfracombe
Adams Mark, 116 High Street, Ilfracombe
Beauty by Melissa, 1 Hillside, Ilfracombe
Stowford Farm Meadows, Berry Down, Ilfracombe
Beachside Holiday Park, 33 Beach Road, Ilfracombe
Newberry Valley Touring and Camping Park, Woodlands, Ilfracombe
Watermouth Cove Holiday Park, Watermouth, Ilfracombe
Hele Valley Holiday Park, Hele Bay, Ilfracombe
Ilfracombe Holiday Park, Marlborough Road, Ilfracombe
Watermouth Valley Camping Park, Watermouth, Ilfracombe
Combe Martin Museum, Cross Street, Ilfracombe
Driftwood Gallery, 10 The Quay, Ilfracombe
Emery Mortgage & Insurance Services, 5 Champernowne Crescent, Ilfracombe
Robins Garages, Unit 6 Mullacott Cross Industrial Estate, Ilfracombe
Hele Bay, The Hele Bay, Ilfracombe
Bombay Palacethe, 36 Greenclose Road, Ilfracombe
Coastal, Borough Road, Ilfracombe
Capstone Hotel & Restaurant, Saint James Place, Ilfracombe
Kings, 61 High Street, Ilfracombe
MPM, 34 The Shields, Ilfracombe
Coastal Removals, The Halliards/Langleigh, Ilfracombe
Rook a P, 22 Highfield Gardens, Ilfracombe
JCD Heating & Plumbing Services, Ilfracombe EX34 8AY, Ilfracombe
Evans Heating & Plumbing, Combe Martin, Ilfracombe
JKN Plumbing Services, Greenhills/Rosea Bridge La, Ilfracombe
Isaac Andrew, 8 Chambercombe Park Road, Ilfracombe
Mick Poundall Roofing, Watermouth House Cottage/Watermouth, Ilfracombe
Brown Gordon Roofing & Leadwork Specialists, 28 Saint Brannock's Park Road, Ilfracombe
H E Richards, St Mawgan/Moory Meadow, Ilfracombe
Tipton D W, Devon Way/Rosea Bridge Lane, Ilfracombe
P Cronin Building Services, Station Road, Ilfracombe
Draper Brian, Castle Heights/Woodlands, Ilfracombe
ASE Roofing, 2 Princess Avenue, Ilfracombe
Asc Tiling, 2 Princess Avenue, Ilfracombe
Mullacott Equestrian Centre, Ilfracombe EX34 8NA, Ilfracombe
Genesis Surf Shop, 17 Saint James Place, Ilfracombe
Variety Sports, 23 Broad Street, Ilfracombe
Zig Zags, 54 High Street, Ilfracombe

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