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We have 536 Listings in Armagh:
Station Bar, 3 Lower English St, Armagh
Strawberry Bar, 23 Lower English St, Armagh
Red Neds, 27 Ogle St, Armagh
Victoria Bar, 32 Barrack St, Armagh
Hole In The Wall, 9 Market St, Armagh
Toby Jug, 65 Irish St, Armagh
Platform 1, 147 Railway St, Armagh
Hoggs Pub, 1 Eagralougher Rd, Armagh
Normandy Inn, 6 Main St, Armagh
Victoria Bar, 44 Main St, Armagh
Halifax, 18 Russell Street, Armagh
Halifax, 8 Market Street, Armagh
Charlemont Arms Hotel, 63-65 Upper English Street, Armagh
Mallview House, 9 Mallview Terrace, Armagh
Premier Saddlery, 11 Ballyscandal Road, Armagh
HA Emerson and Son, 55-57 Scotch Street, Armagh
Rainbow, 13 Upper English Street, Armagh
Old Mill, 2 Kinelowen Street, Armagh
Manor Park, 2 College Hill, Armagh
Woodview Restaurant, 3 Cloghan Road, Armagh
East Chinese Restaurant, 25 Railway Street, Armagh
Golden Sun, 10 The Mall West, Armagh
Gringos, 1 Killylea Road, Armagh
Four Star Pizza Armagh, 137 Railway Street, Armagh
Domino's Pizza Armagh, 8 The Mall West, Armagh
Firehouse Pizza, 70 Upper English Street, Armagh
Cafollas TakeAway, 35 Lower English Street, Armagh
Armagh City Hotel, 2 Friary Road, Armagh
Shapla, 39 Lower English Street, Armagh
Shapla Indian Restaurant, 39 Lower English Street, Armagh
Manor Park Restaurant, 2 College Hill, Armagh
Uluru Bistro, 16 Market Street, Armagh
Stonebridge Restaurant, 74 Legacorry Road, Armagh
Digbys Bar and Restaurant, 53 Main Street, Armagh
Hesters Place, 12A Upper English Street, Armagh
Famous Grouse Country Inn, 16 Ballyhagan Road, Armagh
Embers, 7 Market Street, Armagh
Paradise Collections, 28 Ballyhagan Rd, Armagh
Embers, 7 Market Street, Armagh
Poppy Smith Coffee Shop, 6 Drumadd Road, Armagh
T Junction Cafe, 5 Main St, Armagh
McAnerneys, Irish Street, Armagh
D & P Flanagan Farmers, 8 Lower Darkley Road, Armagh
R Thompson & Son (Armagh), 58 Hamiltonsbawn Road, Armagh
T G Hawthorne, 2-4 Thomas Street, Armagh
Decorbrite Home Centre, 74-76 Scotch Street, Armagh
T G Hawthorne (39 41 Scotch Street), 39-41 Scotch Street, Armagh
Cloud Cuckoo, 41 Ogle Street, Armagh
Orchard Gifts & Studio, Thomas Street, Armagh
W & W Upholstery, 135 Mullaghbrack Road, Armagh
Annvale Upholstery, 2 Loughgall Road, Armagh
New Line Upholstery, 141 Battleford Road, Armagh
O'neill Dermott, 38 Kinelowen Street, Armagh
Barber, 37 Lower English Street, Armagh
Hawthornes Garden Shop, 72-74 Main St, Armagh
Unique Garden Products, 28 Cladymilltown Road, Armagh
Lily Pink, 12 Fairgreen Rd, Armagh
DV8, 49 Scotch Street, Armagh
Chichi Rascals, 35 Scotch Street, Armagh
Ursula, 30 Scotch Street, Armagh
Paint Shop, 20 Barrack Street, Armagh
Ursula's Boutique, 30 Scotch Street, Armagh
M Beattie, 9 Kinelowen Street, Armagh
Raffles, 15 Lower English Street, Armagh
Mays, 30 Barrack Street, Armagh
Halfords, Unit 8 Spires Retail Park, Armagh
Barrack Street post office, 28 Barrack St, Armagh
Cladymore post office, 46 Cladymore Rd, Armagh
Darkley post office, 17a Main St, Armagh
Derryhaw post office, 190 Monaghan Road, Armagh
Derrynoose post office, 79 Derrynoose Rd, Armagh
Hamiltonsbawn post office, 127 Annareagh Road, Armagh
Irish Street post office, McAnerney Brothers, Armagh
Keady post office, 8 Kinelowen St, Armagh
Killylea post office, 26 Main St, Armagh
Lisnadill post office, 104 Newtownhamilton Road, Armagh
Loughgall post office, 56 Main St, Armagh
Loughgilly post office, 145 Gosford Rd, Armagh
Middletown post office, 7 Main St, Armagh
Mountnorris post office, 39 Main St, Armagh
Richhill post office, Richhill, Armagh
Tassagh post office, 107 Dundrum Rd, Armagh
Tynan post office, Tynan Po, Armagh
Whitecross post office, 15 Kingsmill Rd, Armagh
Ellens, 6 Market Street, Armagh
Chip Stop, 1 Main Street, Armagh
Mr Chips, 9 The Mall West, Armagh
Magills Traditional Fish & Chips, 1 Moy Road, Armagh
Dolphin II, 135 Railway Street, Armagh
M Y Indian Nights, 5 Scotch Street, Armagh
Armath Indian Nights, 5 Scotch Street, Armagh
Cam Hing Takeaway, 70 West Street, Armagh
James Stewart & Sons (Clocks), 18 Drumbeemore Road, Armagh
Wrights Interiors, 10 Russell Street, Armagh
Clarke Decorate, 37 Scotch Street, Armagh
D A Architects, Hamiltonsbawn Rd, Armagh
Woodwell Design, 218 Mowhan Rd, Armagh
Red Square Design, 15 Mourneview, Armagh
CT Lindsay Chartered Architect, 66 Marlacoo Road, Armagh
Donaldson Architects, 6 Hamiltonsbawn Rd, Armagh

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